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Slo'Mo Three Year Anniversary!

Slo 'Mo is turning three and we wouldn't be here without our community! Slo 'Mo aims to be a positive, inclusive, peaceful space, and we'll be focusing on fostering that vibe this Thursday ten fold with hopes to provide a sort of refuge from the sadness, frustration and helplessness many of us are feeling in the wake of the Mike Brown and Ferguson turmoil.

Just shy of 40 years ago, Stevie Wonder sang, "Love's in need of love today." During this extremely difficult time, we are asking that guests of this Thursday's party bring their positivity and compassion with them. "Hate's going round, breaking many hearts," and though a lot of us are feeling helpless and hopeless, it's always been music that has lifted us up in dark times. DJ Tess and special guest DJ Moose will be spinning Extremely Positive Slo 'Mo Jams all night with hopes that we can help you feel good, even for a few hours. If you have a Positive Slo 'Mo Jam you wish to here, post it on the event page. 

We will take a few moments to recognize and honor Mike Brown as well as the other unarmed black men and women who have unjustly died at the hands of the police. If you feel we're "out of our lane" because we're "just a party," you do not understand the mission of Slo 'Mo, which is to create environments that welcome and support people of all races, identities, expressions, ages, and abilities. This is what we call "partying with a purpose."

Let's take some time to feel good, and to take good care of each other. We love you so, so much. 

Kristen and Tess